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A Windrush Valley Village House  
An historic gem, nestled in the Windrush Valley

In 2015, my clients asked me to design a new border for their idyllic new home, a large, late 17th century Cotswold cottage set in an acre of picturesque gardens, nestled in a quintessential Cotswold village in “The Windrush Valley”.

I had already enjoyed the privilege of designing their previous garden and thereafter maintained a close relationship with them and the garden I had designed.  So, in September 2021, when they asked if I would undertake a complete garden design for them, naturally I was delighted and said “Yes!”, knowing this would be a very special project indeed.


Accordingly, I drew up a design that was quickly agreed and could not wait to get started. 


The following images show the garden at various stages, from construction through to finished planting and how it transitioned through each stage of development to the haven of countryside bliss it is today.


What made this project so very special was the inclusion of fifteen, very special 40-year-old Pear espalier, which gave the property a whimsical yet elegant touch...

...along with feature bespoke Fagus (Beech) topiary domes ~ that needed to match the considerable size of those planted seven years ago and further adorn the garden each season with stunning changing colours.

How the Magic happened...

Needless to say, the logistics of establishing such magnificent specimens required considerable planning and the planting itself tremendous care: these were not exactly small plants one could easily whip out and replace!

The addition of hundreds of Hornbeam plants and Yew for hedging meant moving and replanting some fairly large topiary pieces as well.


Transporting and laying the main lawn and wildflower turf was a bit of a job also...