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A Wiltshire Barn

An alternative persepctive for an Old Barn

I became involved with this old farmyard site, situated on a flat and open field, from the outset, when the client began renovating the old stone barn. 


Due to its exposed position, it was important to protect site from winds, so I created a series of structured rooms, using hedges and trees.  Each area comprised different colours to represent changing moods as walking through. 


The client planted native hedge whips to denote the boundary and small yews around the back of solar panels.  We completed all the planting in 2017.


The hedges have grown well and matured and are now over 6ft tall.


The last area, the West Courtyard, was planted over a 7-year period, the planting designed to reflect the vibrant colours of the setting sun.  I loved creating this area in particular, as one of my favourite colours is orange so, to this day,  this remains a special garden to me.


The client loves to spend hours in the garden, so maintains it himself.  He has since opened the garden to charity including NGS. 

During Construction

Before Construction

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