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Cotswold Terraced Garden with View

A Stunning Quarry Garden on Three Levels

This was a tricky site I designed in 2019.  I was asked to help, as the garden was built on old quarry site, the only access being through the house.  With the back garden on a slope, the cottage was dark and the garden unusable.  It was a struggle to get to top, where the view was worth it if you could get there!

Due to its difficult location, the landscaping took almost a year, as works vehicles could only access the site through a neighbour's field.  At one time there was a digger on every level - a scary moment for the owner looking out of her kitchen window!

To minimise the impact of the slope, I designed the new garden on three levels:

Level 1

Situated near the house, I designed this with a lawn, a "Wow" border, espalliers to screen neighbouring property, and gravelled seating area with lavender, roses and water feature.

Level 2

Cordon apple trees planted along the edge, with raised beds, compost, benches and a Cherry tree.

Level 3


A gravelled area with prairie planting and stone steps leading to a Chelsea summerhouse, so the owners can sit and enjoy the amazing view over neighbouring rooftops.

The garden is now a sanctuary enjoyed by the owners, who had no idea their garden was so big until they saw the finished result.

During Construction

Before Construction

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